Shade Sails

Shade sail over back deck creating a shady seating area

A shade sail can turn a heat trap into a pleasant, outdoor entertainment area!

A Shadesail can be a flexible and unique way to obtain your shade requirements.

Highly customizable in size and shape, we work to ensure you get the coverage and look you want for your area.

Sails can be incorporated into existing structures, posts can be used to extend your coverage and the fabric can be manipulated to conform to unique shapes that enhance strength and appearance.

Our designers draw from a lifetime of experience working with clients to supply products that not only meet your requirements but are built with quality, style and durability in mind.

We offer a wide range of the industry’s best fabrics all with the highest U.V ratings and warranties that are proven to last in NZ.

  • Shadecloth or waterproof PVC fabric
  • Up to 100% UV protection
  • A wide range of colours and transparencies
  • Stainless steel sail and tensioning hardware
  • Galvanised steel posting in a range of sizes (optional)
  • Sail sizing up to 50m2
  • NZ manufactured
  • 10-year warranty

Summertime in New Zealand means fun in the sun, BBQs in the garden and lots of playtime outside for the little ones. However, summer also means UV rays, potential sunburn and heat stroke. A shade sail will not only add a nice touch to your outside area, it will also protect you from the sun and keep you safe while you enjoy the gorgeous weather ahead.

Whether you want to cover small areas like a children’s sandpit or larger ones like a patio or a deck, shade sails come in all different colours, shapes and sizes and are customizable to suit your needs. Depending on where you’d like your shade sail attached, you have a range of options. They are easily integrated into existing structures, or you can put up additional posts for bigger coverage and more flexible designs.

Benefits of shade sails

Commercial building with shade sail over outdoor deck area

Shade sails can soften commercial buildings and provide useable outdoor space!

Protection from the sun

One of the biggest benefits of shade sails is their protection from the sun. They decrease the risk of heat stroke and sunburn and are able to hold back dangerous UV rays which can cause cancer. New Zealand has one of the highest cancer rates in the world, making the disease one of the major causes of death for Kiwis. Depending on the fabric you choose, most shade sails offer up to 100% UV protection and are also waterproof. So, rain or shine, you will never have to postpone or cancel a BBQ again because the weather gods aren’t being kind.

Relief from the heat

Apart from creating refreshing shade, shade sails will also give you relief from the heat by providing ventilation and keeping those sitting underneath nice and cool. Their breathable fabric is designed to allow maximum airflow which means you won’t feel the heat as much.

Long lasting

Shade sails are also very durable and cost-effective. A small investment today will protect you and your loved ones for times to come, and on top of that, they will add value to your property. With their inventive designs and easy instalments, you can personalize your backyard in any way you wish in the blink of an eye and turn the dullest space into a dynamic and vibrant environment. Most shade sails also come with a 10-year warranty, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.


Shade sails are only semi-permanent. You decide if and when you need them. They are only installed temporarily and can be easily taken down and stored away if the area is not in use, or in severe weather conditions such as heavy winds and storms.


Shade sails can be used in any environment, whether you have a residential or commercial property or need extra protection from the elements in an industrial area. Because they come in so many different designs, you don’t have to worry about destroying the aesthetic look of your outdoor space. On the contrary, most shade sails will complement whatever structure you already have in place and can even enhance the atmosphere by adding some artistic or creative touches.

Not only people can experience the benefits of a shade sail. You can also use them to cover plants, furniture or other equipment that needs protection. Your garden plants will thrive under a shade sail because they are sheltered, and furniture is less likely to fade in the sun if placed underneath a shade sail.

Get a Shade Sail Quote!

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