Oztech Retractable Roof

Tera system with Sundream semi translucent canopy

Oztech Retractable Roof Systems are suitable for use in a large range of residential and commercial applications for all weather conditions.

Whether you’re looking to cover your outdoor area, restaurant or just looking to add an extra designer space we have an awning system to suit you.

Designed and built using only the highest quality materials our retractable awnings have been rated up to 150km/h winds. Roof systems can be integrated into existing structures, be freestanding or cantilevered into almost any area.

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The awning retracts and extends simply with the touch of a button and with options for LED lighting, drop screens, wind sensors and infrared heaters your outdoor space will be transformed into an all year round entertaining area.

  • Aluminium framework
  • Dulux powder coating
  • Stainless steel components and fastenings
  • Waterproof architectural pvc canopies
  • Internal gutter & water drainage
  • Remote control automation
  • Integrated LED lighting (optional)
  • Integrated wind sensors (optional)
  • Integrated Drop screens (optional)
  • Australian manufactured – New Zealand assembled









Oztech Tera System installed in a restaurant

Oztech Tera System installed in a restaurant






Your storefront is probably the most important part of your business property. It’s the gateway for customers where they either decide to walk through the door – or simply pass by. Creating a welcoming atmosphere is vital to attract foot traffic and potentially generate profit. Commercial Oztech retractable roof systems can help you achieve this by adding extra flair to your building.

What is an Oztech retractable roof?

Oztech Retractable Roof’s are additional outdoor ceilings or supplemental roofs that can be used for a range of purposes. They are made of durable and long lasting powder coated aluminium, and can be retracted or extended at any time. When not needed, they easily store with the push of a button. Retractable roof’s are a common site in many European countries mostly due to their convenience, stylish looks, longevity and ease of use

Types of Oztech retractable roof

Oztech Retractable Roof’s are suitable for use in a large range of residential and commercial applications for all weather conditions. Systems can be installed directly to a structure or be freestanding Typical systems sizes are:

1 module system can span up to 5m wide  x 10m projection

2 module system can span from 5m wide to 9m wide x 10m projection

3 module system can span from 9m wide to 13m wide x 10m projection

Additional bays can be added for larger commercial projects.

Benefits of an Oztech retractable roof


The main benefit of a retractable roof is protection from the elements. Via remote control, you get instant shelter from wind, sun and rain. Awnings prevent sun and UV radiation from shining through windows and glass doors, keeping the temperature inside your shop or office comfortably cool. They also protect furniture from fading in the sunlight or being damaged from heavy rain and winds up to 150 km/h.


If you run a business that relies on walk-in traffic in order to make profit, the entrance to your building needs to stand out and invite people to come in. You can use systems to make a statement and set the scene. They can be decorated to complement or contrast the style of your building, adding unique touches to your property.


Roof systems can also function as a billboard. Have the name of your company  imprinted onto the fabric and you have a business card that is always visible by-passers.


Oztech systems can be equipped with a range of optional extra’s to help you grow your business, make customers and clients more comfortable and provide additional services. Integrated LED lighting, heaters and drop screens help you utilize spaces any time of the day or year and instantly turn your outdoor area into a year round entertaining area perfect for dining, live screenings and hosting presentations.