Cassette Awnings

Cassette Awnings

European engineered and manufactured in New Zealand the Cassette Awning combines maximum protection with modern design. The cassette design ensures fabric and awning mechanisms are completely protected and not compromised by the elements when retracted. Made with quality aluminium and stainless-steel components, the Cassette awning is proven to last in New Zealand’s harsh environment.

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Installed via face or soffit mount brackets and operated by a 7:1 manual crank or remote control motorisation.

  • European quality aluminium frame with stainless steel components
  • Dulux Powder coated
  • Covered in 100% Solution dyed acrylic canvas cover
  • Manual crank or motorisation control
  • Face or Soffit mount
  • Integrated motion sensors (Optional)
  • NZ assembled
  • Sizing up to 6m wide & 4m extension
  • 5 year warranty (frame)
  • 10 year warranty (fabric)


Please see attached pdf documents to available systems:


Llaza_Modulbox Brochure


Advantages of cassette awnings

Due to the nature of its design, the cassette awning completely disappears when retracted, ensuring that fabric and steel mechanism are safely stored away when not in use rather than being exposed to the elements. This extends the lifetime of your awning compared to other designs, making it a valuable investment into your health as well as your quality of living.


Cassette retractable awnings can be mounted to the wall or ceiling, giving you a range of options to suit your existing structure. The stainless-steel structure can be retracted with a manual crankshaft or automated with the push of a button. Integrated motion sensors are optional, giving you peace of mind that the awning will automatically retract in harsh weather conditions such as high winds as well as at night-time should you ever forget.


The elements can take their toll on any outdoor fabric. Over time, natural fading may occur as well as wear and tear from constant exposure to moisture and wind. All our cassette retractable awnings are covered with 100% solution dyed acrylic canvas fabric which is far more durable than the old-fashioned cotton. It’s proven to withstand the harsh New Zealand climate, it’s mildew-resistant and one of the most colourfast fabrics in the world. With more than 130 vibrant colours to choose from and a 10 year warranty you can let your true self shine for years to come.

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