Window Awning

The Retractable Window Awning will significantly reduce heat / UV and protect interior furnishings from the sun’s harmful rays while adding colour and style to your exterior.

European styled and engineered powder coated aluminium frames with stainless steel components and solution dyed acrylic canvas covering gives you the guarantee your awning will last.

  • European quality
  • Powder coated
  • Covered in 100% Solution dyed acrylic canvas cover
  • Manual crank or remote motorisation control
  • Face or Soffit mount
  • Optional wind and motion sensors
  • NZ manufactured
  • Sizing up to 4.5m wide & 1.5m extension
  • 5 year warranty (frame)
  • 10 year warranty (fabric)


Vertigo Window Awning – Brochure 2024

Docril Acrylic – Brochure

Docril Acrylic – Brochure

Alpha awning automation – brochure

Alpha Wall Mount Remote – brochure

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There’s nothing worse than sitting at an office desk being blinded by the sun, or not being able to watch your favourite TV program because the glare of the sunshine is right on the screen. With a window awning these problems will belong to the past. Window awnings are easy to install and offer many benefits to your home or business property.


Window awnings are a great way to enhance the architectural design of your building and show your true colours. With more than 130 vibrant colours, patterns and styles to choose from, it’s your pick from stylish to modest, from sophisticated to hipster. Add an eyecatcher to the outside of your home or let your business colours set the tone.


The main benefit of installing window awnings is to be protected from the impact of UV-rays and sunlight. Not only do UV-rays cause cancer and looking into the bright sun for extended periods of time can lead to eye issues, headaches and migraines. The harsh New Zealand sun also damages curtains, rugs and furniture causing severe fading over time. An awning over your window will significantly reduce heat and UV-rays, thus protecting your wellbeing and your belongings.

Awnings can also help protect your window frames from excessive rain and moisture by providing additional cover. To allow full control and flexibility, add wind and motion sensors to ensure your awning is only up when you really want or need it to be.


Windows without awnings can become heat traps in summer, increasing the cost of air-conditioning to bring the temperature down to a comfortable degree. Awnings will help reduce utility bills by allowing less heat to enter the room in the first place.

If you’d like to learn more about window retractable awnings and how they can enhance your living space, simply give us a call today and receive a free, non-obligatory quote.